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Default Major Explosion in Oslo - Pm's office destroyed

July 27th, 2011, 14:53
Without actually knowing, I think Denmark is slightly worse than both Sweden and Norway. Maybe even better?

I'd be surprised if we were very far from you in that way.

It's not rocket science, though.

If we look at crime rates - at least in terms of serious crimes - you will find a natural correlation between simple concepts like income distribution and these crimes.

I don't know why we - as a race - want to remain complete idiots - but that's what we insist on.

As long as we fail to divide resources evenly, we'll have to deal with this kind of reaction.

This Breivik is possibly the result of the reverse consequence - taken to an extreme. It's not just people who WANT access to resources who commit these serious crimes, it's also the people who want to KEEP their access to them whilst wanting to prevent others from them. This doesn't just mean disposable income - but an earthly paradise like Norway could be a fitting excuse for a mentally unstable person to commit serious crimes.
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