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July 27th, 2011, 14:59
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I don't know why we - as a race - want to remain complete idiots - but that's what we insist on.
Must be the language. Impossible to understand. KAMELÅSÅ!!!

This Breivik is possibly the result of the reverse consequence - taken to an extreme. It's not just people who WANT access to resources who commit these serious crimes, it's also the people who want to KEEP their access to them whilst wanting to prevent others from them.
I think Breivik is an antisocial personality man (not exactly but close to what we used to call a psychopath). Have I said that before? To lazy to check. Doesn't contradict what you say here.
This doesn't just mean disposable income - but an earthly paradise like Norway could be a fitting excuse for a mentally unstable person to commit serious crimes.
As I said, I will no longer talk about how good Norway is. No need to, everybody else do it for me. Even dte, but I'm not sure if he means it.

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