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July 27th, 2011, 16:38
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I doubt you can find any long list of atrocities towards muslims in nordic countries. Unlike muslim countries we are famous for our tolerance and its not somthing Im shamed off.

Still Im disgusted how the european lefties are using this psyko's massmurder as device to furthen their own goals. The bodies have barely gone cold and they are making it into a political discussion.
Our societies ARE tolerant, but just looking at kill rates you will find that the anti-islamists come out on top. Not that they are representative of the population, but it is an environment that bears watching.

We've had two instances of serial snipers going after darkies/muslims whatever in the last twenty years, killing several. There are other cases as well.

Islamists are on the other hand AFAIK only responsible for one death (the failed suicide bomber who blew himself up before getting to his destination). There have also been several foiled attempts (most related to the muhammed cartoons).
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