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July 31st, 2011, 11:40
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Islamist: 3
Separatist: 160
Left-wing: 45
Right-wing: 0
Single-issue: 1
Not specified: 40
Total: 249
I have reached the conclusion that these statistics are misleading because separatists spawn from the others. Within socialist/communist ideas (left-wing), conservative/nationalist ideas (right-wing) and religion (including Islamist) are separatist ideas, that when taken too seriously lead to separatism.

Understanding separatism thus require us to understand two things;
1. What ideas create the perceived groups
2. What leads to isolation and separation of the groups

Ideas that frequently pump out the message that there is a conflict between the proletariat and the bourgeois, the feminist and the patriarchy, the folk and the immigrants, the Muslims and the infidels, the Christians and the heathens, the whites and the blacks etc, runs the risk of producing separatists for every single person in their ranks that are isolated due to social issues. All of these groups have in common that they will eventually turn on themselves, announcing the "real" and orthodox ideas and pointing out who's loyal and who's not.

Both of these issues needs to be dealt with. Group-think needs to be understood and challenged, not quieted down and claimed to be "madness". Isolation needs to be taken seriously. We are living in the Internet era now where it's possible to live entirely in your own world, without the need to be a part of the society. Segregation may also happen by constructing separatist schools for certain ideologies, ethnicities, gender and other perceived "differences". It happens when unemployment peaks, in areas of too much poverty and conflict. It may happen for many reasons, both due to well-meant practices and due to ignorance.

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