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July 31st, 2011, 18:10
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Both of these issues needs to be dealt with. Group-think needs to be understood and challenged, not quieted down and claimed to be "madness". Isolation needs to be taken seriously. We are living in the Internet era now where it's possible to live entirely in your own world, without the need to be a part of the society. Segregation may also happen by constructing separatist schools for certain ideologies, ethnicities, gender and other perceived "differences". It happens when unemployment peaks, in areas of too much poverty and conflict. It may happen for many reasons, both due to well-meant practices and due to ignorance.
I think that segregation is the major issue here, in terms of national stability. Any sort of legal or cultural segregation gores a long way in producing inequities in the social system which may ultimately result in fanatical/separatists movements.

In societies which desire to keep their culture "pure" segregation is, more often than not, a given, and as the last decade or so has shown, the results are far from perfect. Here in the US, we have had success in absorbing immigrants into the mainstream culture, while still allowing them to celebrate their cultural past. That has never been perfect either, and we have learned from tough lessons, and we still have pockets of problems, and we do have our share of cultural puritans, but i think we, as a society, have become aware that actively isolating people is not, nor can it ever be, a solution. Europeans might have to decide whether the purity of their culture (which sounds strange and potentially dangerous to Americans) is more important than social stability.
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