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August 5th, 2011, 12:54
I'm growing more and more confident that we'll get a new crisis.

Yesterday I heard in the news - and today I read it in the newspaper - that people are massively transferring their money into "solid curencies" - like Swiss, for example.

THe people from Swiss aren't happy about that at all ! - Simply because it makes their own wares much, much, much more expensive … with the result of no-one wanting to buy their exports anymore (at least not for these high prices).
Which in result damages their economy, too …

I think this crisis will just go on and go on - until people (especially politicians) realize what's the grouznd/basis for all of this stuff.

I tend to more and more firmly believe that the fault lies within the system.

Asides, I just read in the newspaper of today about public demonstrations against unfair social developments - in Isreal !

There, the article says, when Mr. Netanjahu became Prime Minister for the first time (I think he's it now for the second time, am I correct ?) , the state mainly withdrew from the market. Privatisation was the goal.

What happened there was that the banks gave the richest ones credits (German proverb : "Those who have [already] will be given [even more]"), and the riches bought whole market chains, with the result of in Isreal nowadays a tiny, tiny group of super rich people controls 99 % of the WHOLE economy … And besides them are the eroding middle class (same as here in Germany, I notice), and a much-growing number of poor people.

And now, there's social unrest begining in Israel.

Given that the U.S. is a "role model" in terms of economy for far too many countries now,
I fear that the "fault in the system" lies within the U.S. moel of economy . Especially in the case of unbraked privatisation.

Because the system I see here is that this system actively supports thiose who already have lots of money - like in the example of Isreal, where banks gave the biggest credits to the richest people (and organizations, I suppose) who in term bought almost EVERYTHING which in result propelled them into controlling whole markets. ( I could imagine that this system would be able to giving giant, rich companies control over whole STATES/COUNTRIES, if these states or countries are losing more and more money. Even now, there are villages who sell their names for hard money ! - This ould result in a world where companies control jurisdition, make laws and etc. - just because they control the countries like slaves who are so poor they MUST do everything their master(s) say !)

Economical Imprialism as put forward from the U.S. (remember the U.S. supporting even the vilest of dictators just because they were thought by the U.S. politicians to be a wall against communism ? - The Taliban were also a result of that doctrine, because the U.S. supported them because they just fought against the Soviet Union) leads this "unbraked capitalism" being installed in too many countries - and with that the same system with the same faults is installed in these countries.

The result is simple . Since unbraked capitalism both activel and implicitely supports the richest of a given country, it will lead to the same layout of classes like in the U.S. since Reagan : A tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny dot of super-rich people controlling almost everything - an eroded middle class - and the vast majority of poor people.

And of course, rich people would only support *their* systems : Those who at least keep them rich - and at least not those who would make them poorer.

This is how I see it, big picture, and that's why it will come to social unrest, I predict.

Let's pray there won't be an insane preacher putting the guilt of all this onto Jews again … We definitively don't need another Hitler.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. (E.F.Schumacher, Economist, Source)
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