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August 5th, 2011, 13:15
Alrik says:

This ould result in a world where companies control jurisdition, make laws and etc. - just because they control the countries like slaves who are so poor they MUST do everything their master(s) say…
It seems to me that is already happening, Disney got the US Congress to extend their copyright to more than 75 years after something were created (e.g. The law about Mickey Mouse). Facebook and Google and EA etc. do make their own jurisdictions regarding what people can upload to their site, say on their forums etc. etc.

The DMCIA that the US Congress has passed is the result of pressure from EA, the movie companies, the music industry and other game companies as well. Also, the harsh crackdown on (software) pirates is the result of lobbying from all these industries.

Another sign of this is that the US congress is under heavy pressure to make streamlining illegal or even just a link to streamlining or even just a newsbit about streamlining or maybe just copying from say Bioware's site or EA's site or Diablo's forums, then making a newsbit here or at other websites, illegal…

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