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August 5th, 2011, 22:45
We should pay billions to support the extremely rich lifestyle of these people?

Empire of the spivs: We fret about our MPs' expenses, but in Italy the awesome corruption of politicians is frankly beyond belief

Read more:…#ixzz1UBaf3tu4

Italy: Govt corruption costing €60 billion a year…3.0.3471577158

I read today about major corruption scandal in italy. The politicans there earn more than US president. They are allowed to buy 200000e cars for one euro. Its totally crazy.

Those who made the decision to take these southern countries to euro should be brought forward and jugded. In no way should they be given more money and power for doing stupid decisions that cost countless billions to ordinary EU citizens.

Its totally disgusting that people who make honest work have to support rich so they can buy maserati's for one euro. If it comes to it I rather have social unrest than this madness.

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