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August 5th, 2011, 23:20
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I see. Are you referring to the Greece bailouts then? It doesnt seem to hold for the EFSF (or Finland would show in this graph as paying about a third of the German contribution).

EDIT: Just noticed the date is a few months back. Do you have more recent and more accurate data?
Its been in finnish news many times but the reason is that finnish share of som eurobank holdings is ten times more so thats why we "have to" pay ten times more. Thats atleast what som politician told us.

Heres one finnish article from economic news that shows the differences:…sa/20115728/12

First number is credit risk and the second the bail-amount money compared to the risk:
Saksa 22,6% 100,1%
Ranska 17,6% 97,1%
Britannia 18,2% 3,7%
Suomi 0,1% 1080,0%

Its an old article so I think I remember it wrong. The difference is not on capita but risk. Germany and France pay 100% based on risk while we pay 1000%.

There were other articles too but I dont want to go digging right now. Besides the point of my comment was the italian corruption not how much we pay so this is not important.

Is GDP a good measuring tool btw? Our income is only like third of GDP. Last years we have loaned like 10 billion per year making GDP bigger.

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