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Default Dragon Age II: How Badly Did It Sell?

August 13th, 2011, 11:35
So how much did the game sell? The question can finally be answered.The data was taken from the website which gets its data from I know people say vgchartz isn't accurate but its the best we have since Bioware wont release sale figures. The PC sales are off considering most dont count digital sales.

Total sales of both games as of July 22nd:
DAO 3.79 million, .39 million PC
DA2 1.45 million, .29 million PC

A better comparison is the first ten weeks following launch of the games. DAO had already sold 2.5 million, and DA2 barely made half that.

Here in graph form.

There you go. Is the game a success as Bioware and EA claim it is? Whats your opinion?
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