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September 19th, 2011, 19:19
I finished the last Zerg Brood War Mission over the weekend. The last mission (#10) was a real bitch for the queen bitch. It took a whole day to complete. Had to use a non obvious backdoor approach (after failing many times using the front door). I exhausted all the mineral resources on the map before winning. I was very close to running out, before I figured out I had to throw ALL possible units at the Protoss base (leaving most expansions undefended) to have a chance of defeating it. And even so it took 3 waves. Maybe leaving Protoss for last was not such a good idea?

I started Ultima 7 yesterday.. I vacillated over using Exult or DOSBox. Exult is not the original code, but a rewrite. So, even though the original has bugs, and Exult introduces bugs of its own, I decided to go with DOSBox and the original to keep the experience faithful. I'll try to avoid triggering the original's bugs. Hope I don't get trashed.

I've played through the first town, and of course, found the controls a bit tedious (but not bad considering its age). Haven't been super excited, but hope it picks up. The writing is pretty good though.
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