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September 22nd, 2011, 10:41
At the time of Diablo, almost all PC games were still singleplayer games. Doom had been released a few years before - and was THE game to initiate the change of focus in so many genres. I think Diablo was a part of that initiative.

So, while they always meant for Diablo to be a multiplayer experience - they did emphasize the singleplayer aspect in a way that Diablo 2 didn't. They made unique quests for singleplayer - and what you did to complete them made a lot more sense as a singleplayer RPG.

The pacing was also slower and more deliberate.

Diablo 2 was a very different game in many ways, and certainly in terms of the atmosphere. I can easily understand why fans of traditional RPGs would prefer the first game.

However, as a multiplayer experience and a "hack and slash" game, Diablo 2 exceeded Diablo in every way imaginable.

I've always felt that people who sat down to play Diablo (the 2nd especially) for a singleplayer experience - were doing it all wrong.

Not to say they can't be enjoyable - but it was never the point of the design.

It seems to me that Diablo 3 takes that even further - and while it's likely to have a decent story and interesting sights, the core of the game seems to be about sharing the experience more so than ever before.
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