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September 23rd, 2011, 21:30
Well aware of the Pantera, I was a fanatic for years. Pure power there, all their songs are very powerful. I'm needing it a little more mellow tho, been getting back into Enya and stuff. I tried DT's suggestion of going back to 80's hair metal - argh. Made me feel worse at first, then I started laughing my ass off.

Motley Crue's "looks that kill"

Nicely encapsulates the era, lol.

Keel's "the right to rock"
is another, truly hilarious moment of 80's hair metal

Alrik - yeah, I think I may have to dig back into Coldplay, I have pretty much all their stuff and theyre good, and kinda mellow. i will amazon "yes" and see what comes up, maybe some 70's prog rock will do me some good
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