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September 27th, 2011, 17:37
There's not a lot of coverage because really it hasn't been that big of a deal. I was down in that area last week and the rally didn't seem much bigger than any of the others I've seen there in recent years (I think the estimate was around 500 people).

Over the weekend it seemed to get a bit bigger with them starting in Union Square and trying to march down (which is about 2 miles I think). It got ugly though when the police stopped them. The sad thing is that all they had to do was apply for a permit and they could have marched no problem. They approve those things all the time. Of course, that isn't what the organizers wanted, they wanted confrontation so they can get on the news.

On Tuesday, I was heading down to a meeting I had near the NYU campus and one of these people came on my subway car spouting off about the rally. He was going around asking every single person in the car if they would come down and join it. Most people ignored him. I was wearing a suit, looked very much the banker type. When he came to me, I responded with a smile "I believe that would constitute a conflict of interest for me." He was not happy, but I got a few laughs from the other riders around me.


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