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September 28th, 2011, 17:09
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I saw the pics and I think it has to do with the Anonymous' mask, which gave them the idea of having them arrested either for the hackers' attack or of the indignants.

BTW, what's really going on in Wall Street? All I hear is that Wall Street is a corrupted bank or something else and those guys are marching to strike them back and want Wall Street to be closed. So what's really going on there?
The short synopsis that the Fed, the Treasury and Wall Street are so intertwined at this point that effectively the US taxpayers are the insurance for any bad bed a big bank makes. So basically the banks can take just about any risk they want, because if they are Too Big To Fail, they know the government is going to bail them out.

This has led to a lot of unscrupulous behavior. Add in that the Fed has actively manipulated things so that banks that are basically insolvent don't appear that way (BofA comes to mind), and its a powder keg. You can only continue the charade for so long.

This behavior is not unique to the US though as the ECB has been doing basically the same thing. Eventually you have to pay the piper though. I think the next few years are going to see breakups of most of the major banks and a several of the mid-tier as well as a few at the top just go completely bust. Wall Street in 2016 will look very different than it does today.


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