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September 28th, 2011, 20:02
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You think the big banks blow up of their own accord, choose to break into smaller pieces to avoid problems (preempt regulatory dismantling, for example), or get shredded by Barack to corner populist votes?

Combination of the first two. The Fed has already requested BofA to basically make a living will for the possibility of breaking it up. That's not really an Obama thing, though he's probably on board with it. Ultimately what I think we'll see is one blow up, followed up by a forced merger of the blown up bank with someone that is supposedly solvent, followed by forced break ups of the remaining players.

Unfortunately our government is 100% reactionary and they've pretty much used all the ammunition they have to kick the can down the road so to speak. The only thing left is significant to hyper inflation and, not even talking about the ramifications of that for the entire country, it simply isn't possible to enact in any meaningful time frame that would save the TBTF banks.


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