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October 5th, 2011, 17:40
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In Egypt, for example, their specific demand was the ouster of President Mubarak and new elections. Yes, there were lots of other interests as well, but that was really the concrete objective they were rallying around, and it didn't take months to come up with.
That's so called "Big Goal" bn created by the outside sources and for outside consumption. Let me explain:
When opposition movement (simplified to "Solidarity Movement") started in Poland in 1980s the "big goal" was creation of independent Trade Unions. While, to the outsiders, it sounded like a concrete objective it wasn't really. Some would have been happy with independent trade unions within existing government structure while others knew that those two are incompatible and creation of independent trade unions will lead to the fall of the regime. For others independent trade unions and fall of the regime were just steps on the road to turn Poland into monarchy theocracy or to return to the XVIIth century borders "from Baltic to Black Sea". Some of those goals were truly ridiculous but they they were voiced non the less and by surprising number of people.

So, for now, BIG GOAL of OccupyWallStreeters is Wall Street Is Evil. Not terribly sensible but hey, give it time!
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