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October 5th, 2011, 19:45
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Really? You do know that people were not financially dragged down during the 60's do you? The cause is different but the anger is nearly the same. If you can't see it in the politics today, you have to be blind.
I don't disagree with you there, but I think in general Americans are just far more complacent now than we were then (and for disclaimer, I was born in '75, so I may be clueless).

If Americans were as fed up with what is going on as the vocal minority would like us to believe, why do Bank of America, Chase or Wells Fargo still hold the vast majority of domestic deposits? Every single American can easily move their checking and savings accounts to a regional or local bank (I moved all my stuff to USAA last year). It would put these guys out of business over night and bankrupt most of their execs (and put a bunch of people out of work too but I doubt that would matter to the mob). People hate banks. They hate the bailouts. They hate the Fed.

They could cripple them and it wouldn't take almost any effort to make it happen. Yet they don't.

Until I see people out in the streets burning their debit/atm cards, I'm not going to believe we have anywhere near the level of social angst that existed in the 60's.


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