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October 5th, 2011, 21:44
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The over dramaticism of changing a line in their 'declaration'.
The zombie crap, which just makes people laugh not actually listen to their arguments.
The fact that they really have no coherent demands (which is probably the number one thing outside of size that separates them from the Arab Spring protests).
The referring to people as 'it' until they let you know which pronoun they prefer because gender is a 'social construct'?
I can see why you find their lack of focus worrying. But painting up what they're doing as silly because they're not doing what you'd do strikes me as rather close minded (especially since I just can't see what's silly about doing away with genders or making an effort not to disregard groups we are normally inclined to no be really sceptical about). There's young pepole getting together trying to change things to the better. When did that last happen in the US at a scale similiar to this? They have spirit, and when did you last see youths with spirit? If you manage to direct their eyes from the sky onto America you might start to see genuine improvement in America again (political and social).

And the whole "changing the line" thing made me think of the hippies. Rather spiritual and arty, and therefore easily dismissable (especially since I'm not that kind of guy, and I doubt you are either - we don't think like that, we don't express ourself in that manner, we don't use those tropes in our speak etc). But the hippies didn't just do acid, they accomplished things as well. Mostly social, which doesn't bode well for the whole "stop Wall Street from destroying the country" thing, but (in my own narrow experience) social change has kind of stagnated in the states anyway. And getting them to focus on the political system shouldn't be impossible either.

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It think that really comes down to a problem with degree dilution. We've become convinced that we have to have a bachelor's degree to just get even a decent job and with costs of those degrees increasing (in part, though not wholy, due to the massive increase in colleges and universities) its a recipe for disaster.
Ermů doesn't the price usually go down when the supply increases?

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But I'm not crying about spending the $90k or making my payments on the debt. That was the price to get the job I wanted, and I did the math and determined that going to grad school would pay off. If it doesn't pay off DON'T DO IT! It really grinds me whenever people think they are entitled to something that the rest of us have to work for
Why is there such a huge amount of Americans who don't know how American society works anyway? I find that to be a more interesting topic than being mad of pepole not knowing what you (in all your middle classness) know.

(Also, provided you can live off of $400 a month (two summer months not counted for) you don't have to borrow a single cent to study in Sweden. There's one company that provides student loans, and since it's the same company that provides those $400 everyone's aware of the possibility to loan.)

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I think you'll have a hard time selling the systemic changes you want. Basically, your opening line is, "The American Dream is dead." That's the only way to justify there's a need to overhaul what's essentially a culture. It's entirely possible that you're right, but that's a deeply ingrained philosophy you're pissing on.
Well, it's kind of dying. Look at what's happening to the middle class (<-great lecture, see it if you have the time). Just glance at the lower class and their problems. Look at your social mobility.

That's ignoring the whole "everyone has what it takes to make it if we just leave them to it", which is the basis for the American Dream.

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