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October 6th, 2011, 00:11
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Look, I'm all for being open minded, but referring to a person as 'she' or 'he' is not enforcing some tyranny on them, its proper grammar matter of biology.
What about someone who is biologically a man but psychologically a woman - is that a man or a woman? What about hermaphrodites - man or woman? What about the division between men and women in the first place - what's really the big, important difference that's so important to distinguish between? Why aren't we making a division like that between blue and brown eyed pepole?

What are the potential problems of referring to men and women with different words? Well, we might promote a division where there is none, thus promoting prejudice and separate treatment where no prejudice or separate treatment is warranted. We might not. But if we stop doing so, instead using one word to referr to both sexes, what do we lose, really?

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As for making an effort not to disregard certain groups, I think you misunderstand. I have no problem with inclusions. I'm all for it, but saying I have to stand at the back of line because I'm a white male to atone for societies prior sins is ridiculous. As far as I'm concerned is simply is trying to oppress the (former) oppressors.
Well, we live in a society whose norms have it's base in old europe. They have their base in a society built to serve white males in particular. A lot has changed, of course, and a lot of improvement has been made regarding equality. But there are still patterns of thoughts alive that keeps white males slightly ahead of the rest. It's easier for them to gain trust, for instance, and it's more natural for them to take room.

With that in mind, how are we to level the field? Because if we do nothing it's going to be the women and blacks (especially the black women) who will have to stand at the back of the subconcious line while the white males subconciously walk ahead of them.

And I didn't intend to imply that you're cool with opressing women/blacks. I don't think that's your problem. The problem instead is that you think that white men are on the same level as non-whites and women, so if we just make the same rules apply to everyone things will be solved. Because of the heteronormativity that just isn't the case, though. The heteronormativity is (pretty much) a set of unwritten rules for how we are to treat other pepole in society, and it has different rules for white men than for others.

And most pepole are unaware of it in the same manner fish are unaware of water - they're living in it and they always have.

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That's pretty nice!
It's one of my favorite thing about Scandinavia: secondary education truly is avaliable to all. And thus we don't have those loads of pepole complaining about how they can't get through college because of their financial situation.

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I'm not saying that it was a complete failure by any means, but that it contributed to trapping a large portion of people in that state. Medicare has a lot of issues with how it doles out care, but one of the things it definitely has done well is to provide medical coverage for the elderly.
I suspect it's because it's financial aid and absolutely nothing else. It doesn't adress why the recipients are in a situation where they need welfare/medicade, and thus won't end up being more than symptom treatment in a lot of cases.


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