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October 7th, 2011, 21:10
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That's a fair question, but again, most of them either dress as male or female.
Yeah, and which one depends on if their parents view them as male or female. Doesn't that make you wonder how closely tied sex really is to gender, when someone of both sexes always ends up as the gender their parents see them? If it was something biological, shouldn't about half of them rebell and turn into the other gender?

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Because blue and brown eyes is a very minor difference. It's coloring, not a different in body/brain chemistry, sexual organs, etc.
Difference in sexual organs isn't enough to explain why men like blue and women like pink. Brain chemistry might explain it, if it weren't for us not having been able to figure out what these difference mean in practise.

Besides, the variations are bigger within the genders than between them, which is why making these difference basis for separating between pepole rather arbitrary. Why separate between pepole who has different genitals but not pepole who has different eye colours? Or what about left and right handed pepole?

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It's pretty simple. You treat people equally.
…yeah, well, that's kind of the problem: we don't treat pepole equally. And to start doing so is not simple at all, because the reason we don't is because of the way we interpret the world at a base level. From day one you get signals that men and women aren't quite the same, and from that day forward you get taught about what separates them. When you meet and evaluate someone these "insights" will play in, and thus you'll treat the person differently depending on if the person is a man or a woman. Your expectations will differ, and you're more inclined to be critical to said person's behavior if s/he's doing something someone of the person's sex doesn't traditionally do.

Since you're not aware of this you won't end up treating women normally. You think that when you slam a female for doing something it's perfectly fair, because you'd do the same if it was a man doing it. The thing is that you won't - the man has to do far more to get the same reaction from you. And vice versa.

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You don't belittle one group just because historically they ran the show. I'm a white male. Just like the women and blacks you reference, I have done nothing to deserve to be treated any less than anyone else. To treat me worse in some effort to make up for past sins is as bad as the white males who committed those sins.
Awknowledging what I said above is not "belittering one group". Nobody's blaming white men for this situation. (…correction, nobody besides Radical Feminists.) It's not white mens' fault, and this isn't punishment. Saying this belitters white men is like saying putting someone with a highly contagious disease in quarantine belitters the sick person.

It's a mean to get around a problem, not punishment. But let's say we don't do this, what's your suggestion to prevent that we (unknowingly) treat blacks and women like this? That we just do it? We don't work like that, I'm afraid.

You're also mistaken if you think they're doing this because of what's happened in the past. They're doing it because of the difficulties women and blacks have being heard today, not because of how white men treated these groups in the past.

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I'd be interested to learn the economics of it. From what people in the UK have told me, the structure of secondary education is very different in most of Europe compared to the US. I'm curious how that affects the cost.
I'm afraid I can't be of much help there. I basically know that univerisies are funded by taxes and that we get grants/loans from CSN (Centrala Studiestödsnämnden - National Board of Student Aid). CSN is (for obvious reasons) a non-profit organisation, which might do something to keep costs down for students (then again, it's hard to tell how well managed state institutions are).

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Definitely some. There also, at least prior to Clinton, was the issue that people immediately lost public assistance once they got a job, and often that job netted them less money.
A great way to encourage pepole to get jobs, that… "You can either work for $600/month or do nothing for $800/month. So, what's your choice?"


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