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October 13th, 2011, 17:45
Are you saying this is the same case like Diablo3 will have where for the singleplayer game you MUST have 24/7 internet connection active?
Are they normal!?

Anyway, there's already a patch and from what I can see - this issue is not adressed in it:…t=tcm:6-231-32

Look, I really planned to buy this game, but if it's true they wanted to screw us before Diablo3 does, I definetly won't bother with it.

OMG the player in that thread on ubisoft's forum says that the game loader has Facebook link… Now I'm definetly not buying it. On a positive side, I can use the money I almost wasted on this new Zynga cretinism to preorder Skyrim.
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