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October 16th, 2011, 11:37
Michael Anderson writes they have a guest post at Gear Diary from Jeff Vogel on pricing games:
Games like this have to charge an actual price. They just have to, if the developer wants to stay in business. Why? Because if I charge a dollar for one of my old school role-playing games, even if everyone who could possibly be interested buys one, I would go out of business. So I have to charge more. Games in this category will be five dollars minimum, possibly more, and if you complain that the price is too high, that is like saying, I want you to go out of business to please me.
But then there are niche titles. Games for gamers, or games aimed at a smaller audience. Adventure games. Strategy games. Games like what I write: old school, low budget role-playing games. Games like this will never have a huge audience, and they arent trying for one. They are aimed to serve a small, dedicated audience.
More information.
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