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October 31st, 2011, 16:09
I have been keeping tracking of it also. Gamespot played it last week and was semi positive about it. More stuff at

I was pretty pumped for this when they announced it but it kinda fell off my radar when it turned out it was going to be more action less RPG. Kind of a co-op Diablo with three characters and the AI taking over when you don't have other players to help. Lots of unique loot that displays differently on your character, multiple playthru's for optimum skill tree development, 2 extra challenge maps. An original story coinciding at the same time as the fellowship. From Snowblind who did Dark Alliance so expect heavy hack and slash.

Looks like fun but I am going to wait for some reviews. Out tomorrow I believe.

I have not heard or read about anyone who has played the PC version so I am hopefully waiting for reviews
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