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November 14th, 2011, 16:08
The Bethesda Blog has a piece written by co-author of the officiel Skyrim strategy guide, David Hogson. It deals with the maps and how the game world is mapped. An excerpt:
Fortunately, our map makers (the good folks at 99 Lives studio, with over 20 years of map-making experience) decided they didnít need much of a summer, and stitched together every single section of the game world from about 20 feet off the ground; resulting in a messy, but workable tapestry of landscapes. While I spent my evenings checking, plotting, and referencing all the topography and locations, our cartographers painstakingly transformed the map into a gigantic, useable, and highly accurate representation of the Province of Skyrim itself. This is a map youíll find exclusively in the guide, online map tool, and iPad app. But just how much detail is there?
More information.
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