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December 5th, 2011, 12:47
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I think the biggest issue here is, if a person doesn't ask for help, how do you help them? None suspected anything….. but if they had? would you report someone because you suspect they might have some kind of disorder? What would the cause of action be to help them ? force them to go to a shrink?
Have you ever had a friend who told you "nothing is wrong", when everything was wrong? We need to understand the balance between listening to someones own way to express themselves and look at how they behave. Some have better empathy than others but this is also a skill that can be practiced.

Most people with "disorders" works perfectly fine in the society. Such individuals haven't neccessary done anything wrong, they just can't fit social norms. Even "healthy" have their ways to control stress and express their emotions through socially accepted means. The difference is that people with disorder often needs only limited support to function and be able to contribute and function normally. However, thanks to the social stigma around these problems, people will not ask for help even when they need.

It needs to be socially/culturally accepted to have such problems and "come out" with unique needs. There needs to be a better awareness in general about what such issues mean to live with. It needs to be accepted that everyone knows someone who have problems and you might even be one of them, but they might not confess this to you. But we also need to make sure that having a disorder is very human, not unnatural.

Why is it that we see going to the doctor to be a healthy behavior but going to the shrink is seen as a sign of being unhealthy?

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