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December 5th, 2011, 13:53
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Even if you don't follow a single social norm it doesn't mean you are mentally ill. Your brain might be clear and full of compassion anyway.
What does it mean to be ill? One important factor is the level of distress your interaction with the society around you brings to you. If you feel bad about things that others see as the norm, then we can speak about disorder. Dis-order by not being able to work with the order.

Diagnosis doesn't mean ill. This is important. For many, knowing yourself is a very important part of being able to function well. But that also means accepting the aspects of the self that are different than the norm.

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I don't think anyone wants a society where you'd be taking into mental health care because you are different ?
One should learn about our differences to increase our autonomy (by learning how to live with oneself), not decrease our autonomy (by locking people away).

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It is only if a person think they have a mental problem themselves that looking for help would have any use.

It is actually the same for a physical doctor, you might refuse to go there because you don't think you are sick. Finally you might be so sick you can't protest if someone calls the emergency number. In which case it might very well be too late.
So when a person do not seek help. Shouldn't we do anything? One way could be to encourage a person who needs help to seek help without insulting that individual.

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