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December 5th, 2011, 16:17
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It is only if a person think they have a mental problem themselves that looking for help would have any use.

It is actually the same for a physical doctor, you might refuse to go there because you don't think you are sick. Finally you might be so sick you can't protest if someone calls the emergency number. In which case it might very well be too late.

So when a person do not seek help. Shouldn't we do anything? One way could be to encourage a person who needs help to seek help without insulting that individual.
Even if you do encourage if the individual thinks nothing is wrong with him/her why would they listen to you and seek help? The biggest problem when you are mentally ill is usually to realize it yourself. The more other people would push such a issue the more in denial you'd become, thus encouraging someone to search for help might have the opposite effect in increasing their denial.

You do have a point that trying make being mentally ill into something normal, reducing peoples fear into visiting a shrink might change the denial face somewhat. The strangest thing is that a lot of people who are completely normal go to the shrink thinking they have a problem, while those who have do not visit there…..
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