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December 5th, 2011, 21:28
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I was discussing the 25% study, just as I stated. There's a difference between cancer and "restless leg syndrome (RLS, to make it sound even more ominous)".
I got it from a lecture and when I checked back it actually say 22-23%. I found a couple of articles to support this number.…ticlekey=21466

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Somehow, I'm guessing there's a difference between Breivik-nuts and "25% non-typical", too.
There are people worse than Breivik that works very well. There are people healthier than Breivik that follows the same pattern. One important part is social integration. How much time do the person spend with opposing views and a good variation of people. Becoming separated with alternate news sources is not a good environment for anyone, especially not someone with a disorder. Unfortunately these kind of disorder tend to make these people into loners.

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