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December 11th, 2011, 11:56
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Regarding Dwemer, there´s a book in Skyrim which addresses their disappearance quite sufficiently - Battle of Red Mountain, though not entirely in straight fashion (one of great aspects of Elder Scrolls lore - a lot of it is up to interpretation).
That's one of the best things about TES games. They don't feel the need to have everything explained. There are ideas about things presented in-game by NPCs and books, but just like in real life, those are just theories and may be wrong. What did happen to the Dwemer. Do they still exist anywhere? Who, or what, is Sithis? What exactly is up with Sheogorath? Were the events in Shivering Isles real, or just some twisted game? The latter fits better with his character, and Skyrim doesn't make it clear.

On another note, I really hope they add in some more lesser daedra in a DLC or expansion. Dremora and atronachs just aren't enough!
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