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December 20th, 2011, 18:56
Finally decided it was time to play through the Witcher and take a break from Skyrim.

I just made it to Chapter 3. It sounds like this is where the game really starts picking up. I must say, I was getting bored with the quests from chapter 2 and have had to take frequent breaks. It has been an awful lot of fetching items and revisiting the same places and characters. I also had a bit of a difficult time following the story and often didn't know why I was doing certain things (would have been really confused if it wasn't for the tracking system). I'm playing the enhanced edition and the dialog seems much improved, but still has a lot of sub-par moments. However, it promises that would be the last time I could get away without taking sides, so I expect the C&C system that seems to be the bread and butter of this game to really pick up from here on. Looking forward to it!
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