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December 30th, 2011, 19:02
I went by the list in game. There, we have 3 Artificers, all of which are reliant on INT, Sherina, Mr Pump, and Elithrar, and 4 Wizards. Phurry, Corwinnd, Phydaux, and Zynestial (sp? on phone right now so can't check). These are only active characters.

One of the sorcerers is my mule, so doesn't matter for ship buff purposes. That leaves Sherrille, Aerii, and Ambrer as the only CHA based casters. Fireflash is a STR based melee build, and is not reliant on her spellcasting DCs. Favored Souls donKt use CHA for DCs.

I did forget Ambrer earlier, but shes not actve anyway.

It was the night before Hogswatch…

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