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January 3rd, 2012, 02:11
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I'm doubtful this will happen. The middle will just get smaller and smaller as jobs and wages pay less and less. There's going to be more and more competition for jobs and corporations can afford to cut wages or keep them the same even though cost of living goes up. Sure there will still be some people at "middle class" on salaries but not enough to affect any change.

I guarantee a lot of these people at the Wall Street Occupation are middle class or grew up in the middle class families. Now they are on their own and they don't know what to do. They know something is wrong but not what exactly or how to fix it.

It would be nice if they were possibly a third party that represented not just the middle class but moderates on both sides. I think that might actually work and help at least in the short term. I think moderates would be more willing to compromise and listen to reason that would lead to real problem solving. And you could leave the fringe in the other two parties. It would never happen though.
Well, I guess you could form the Democratic-Republican Party and hope for the best!! However, what I find happening is that political parties posture a great deal, but basically try to position themselves somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum. What you get are parties slightly off center. Now what I find interesting is how that center line changes. You can now get lefties who are to the right of where many righties were a few years ago!!

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