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January 3rd, 2012, 03:17
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Well, I guess you could form the Democratic-Republican Party and hope for the best!! However, what I find happening is that political parties posture a great deal, but basically try to position themselves somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum. What you get are parties slightly off center. Now what I find interesting is how that center line changes. You can now get lefties who are to the right of where many righties were a few years ago!!
I don't think that's happening here. Maybe at the executive level with the Presidency, but in Congress it's a bit different. Bush was neoconservative and Obama campaigned on pretty left wing policies but in the end he's been pretty moderate for the most part. I think it's a lot different when you're actually in the big seat. You can run on these changes and promises but when you get the job, you realize you can't do it for whatever reasons.

Congress however is unwilling to negotiate or compromise on both sides and isn't accomplishing anything. It's why our credit rating got downgraded. It's why nothing is getting accomplished. Most people will lay the blame at the President's feet for the current state of the economy and the nation but they don't see that the real problem is in Congress. Especially the Senate. That's why the Republican party doesn't care to compromise. I'm sure if there were a Republican president they'd be more willing to.

I'm sure the Democrats would give the Republicans large cuts if they raised taxes on the wealthy 2 percent. Hell you could set it up so the 2 percent goes towards the debt and nothing else, then cut the 2 percent when a significant portion of the debt is paid off to boost the economy. Sure the economy would take a small hit short term but at least we'd be making the necessary changes to get the debt paid off. The longer we wait the bigger the problems become. Long term we'll be in a much worse place.
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