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January 3rd, 2012, 09:22
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Completely agree, but there's still got to be some sort of fiscal delusion to backstop the bacchanal. I understand that you're kinda saying "something will be created" but to have such confidence in your prediction I'd think you'd have to have some general ideas about what "something" might look like.
No, no - nothing concrete. I just tell myself I understand human nature. We can make up any excuse to carry ourselves.

The people that run the show would shoulder all the pain in a "wipe the slate" scenerio. I just don't see too many altruists among the hoi poloi and the financiers.
You don't seem to get my point here. It wouldn't be altruism - as it would be saving their own ass in the end. The reason we're going to suffer for a while, is that it takes a long time before they will concede. Naturally, they will try to hold on to their illusionary wealth for as long as it's humanly possible. But I don't see civil war happening in the US.

Especially not since the civilians in "power" are not soldiers themselves, and times have changed enough so that they can't control people to fight for them. Not for that kind of cause.

The only people willing to actually go to war would be the desperate and those without wealth - because they have something real to fight for, and in that already somewhat extreme scenario - the rich would have to concede. That's after the government and the civilised world as a whole realise that debts are pointless when they're sufficiently widespread and entitlement is moronic under these circumstances.

But there are other countries much affected, but war is not so uncommon around there - and the reason for war would be the same as always.

That said, I doubt it will really come that far in all but the most desperate of places. We'll likely "turn it around" - and few lessons will have been learned. It's not exactly the first time something like this has happened. The history books are full of it, and we still haven't learned.

It's all about how you apply free market principles, but global governance is far too diverse and WAY too ham-fisted for that sort of thoughtful policy. And as soon as you bring human nature into the picture, you submarine the whole thing since a whole lot of people (including most of your powerbase) are actually deluded into believing that people are innately good and somehow "above" their basic instincts.
The most basic of instincts is survival, which is kinda my point here.
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