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January 4th, 2012, 10:29
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@Dart- seems we're still talking about the same thing. You're aiming more at the bloodless coup direction while I'm thinking more along the lines of Libya (I don't actually subscribe to the full scope of Grandpa dte's Fallout-esque prediction), but it's a revolution either way. Either way, you're wadding our current financial system and throwing it in the hopper and it will be done at gunpoint.

Now, one might wonder if your prediction is tainted with wishful thinking since chucking the current financial system is a rather tall order but a necessary precursor for your utopian masterplan.
I'm not sure what you mean by the same thing?

I don't think I've ever supported a coup - bloodless or otherwise. If you're referring to my sexy and divine masterplan, that would work on a volunteer basis.

As for this financial recession thing, I'm not including my plan in my thoughts about it.

I don't think for a second the current financial system will be chucked - I'm just saying that if the debts can't be paid, the civilised world will have issues far larger than not getting their illusionary money back. So, they'll have to forfeit the debts all-round - or come up with some kind of alternative. Maybe put the system "on hold" until the worst is over - and refine it for future posterity. Which would be a joke to me, but still.

As I said, to feel entitled about this is moronic - and sticking with a debt for the sake of the system isn't necessarily what you want to do when you're facing a major global crisis. Not that I'm utterly convinced or anything, but it's just an obvious avenue if it all goes to shit.

It's like people are forgetting that the debt is made up of imaginary resources.

The resources are still there.
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