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January 5th, 2012, 03:39
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I might be crazy, but I'm factually right, which is more than you can say. You're welcome to try to shout me down if it makes you feel better, though.
Listen I said Democrats would likely give into big cuts if Republicans would offer a 2% increase on the wealthy. You completely ignored all the points of my post to make a smartass comment about taking 100% from the top 2% not even covering the deficit. The entire point I was trying to make is no progress being made and no compromise is making things worse and nothing is getting done. Both sides are guilty of this. I was simply throwing out ideas on how the two parties could compromise.

Oh and I don't need to shout you down. You're an idiot. You keep on posting. But if you don't want me to keep on calling you stupid or crazy, you're going to have to start reading my entire posts and replying to them instead of taking one piece out of context and replying to it. Have a nice day.
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