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January 5th, 2012, 05:32
Dude, you're embarassing yourself. Allow me to requote your "ideas":
I'm sure the Democrats would give the Republicans large cuts if they raised taxes on the wealthy 2 percent. Hell you could set it up so the 2 percent goes towards the debt and nothing else, then cut the 2 percent when a significant portion of the debt is paid off to boost the economy. Sure the economy would take a small hit short term but at least we'd be making the necessary changes to get the debt paid off. The longer we wait the bigger the problems become. Long term we'll be in a much worse place.
I bolded the part that's utter nonsense, just in case you missed it. I take your idea, expand it well beyond your plan to give you every advantage, and it's still got exactly zero chance of achieving the goal you've set. I offered you factual information for exactly why it's utter nonsense, which is both relevant to your "ideas" as well as the broader issue. The best you've got is additional namecalling. At least give me a challenge, champ.

Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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