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January 6th, 2012, 22:44
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I'm kinda curious how the second-choice thing is handled. Are they weighted, or would a game that's a close second in the "favorite" category but doesn't show as strong in the second-place category (partly because so many voted for it as their first-place favorite) not gonna make the second-place cut?

Mostly idle speculation 'cuz I'm curious. And as a game designer, I obsess over these stupid little things.
They will be weighted. I'm not sure about the weights exactly yet, I was thinking about a 2:3 relationship, 2 number 1 votes for a game equal 3 number 2 votes. Alternatively it could be 1:2, so two number 2 votes equal a single number 1 vote, which makes the number 1 vote more important.

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