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January 23rd, 2012, 01:04
Managed to cap Wouldii today. Since that leaves only 2 of us with toons in the 18-19 range, I started looking into what we could do as an alternative. Not that I have a problem running our tops, just looking at what alternatives we have.

It's actually not a good picture once you pull out our TR party. Az has plenty of toons in the 8-9 range, a 12, and a cap. Peter's got an 8 and a pair of caps. cm's got toons all over everywhere, including one 19. jm's got nothing in the 8 range, but 3 near cap.

Peter either runs caps or his 8. jm's lowest is her 12. No overlap at the bottom. So we're locked into caps. While I can switch to RhoGu, he'll probably struggle with the stuff we'll be running, so I'll probably run Bot—he's more fun and more useful than Wouldii. cm can cap her monk, but then she's stuck. jm can run any of her near-caps.

We had talked about running mids, but that's a little complicated as well. Az could run Rachail, cm has a couple choices, jm has Sherina, I've got Shadohe, but Peter comes up empty. Unless cm runs her cleric, we also have a shortage of healing. Messy.

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