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Default Assange to host Russian talk show

January 25th, 2012, 21:36
Well, the story has come full circle. An unsuccessful (due to a startling lack of interest) revolutionary and an outspoken critic of USA politics was finally hired by a Russian TV channel designed to spread shameless Soviet-style propaganda into the Western world. Visiting the "Russia Today" website I saw a curious selection of stories: "Hurt Iran, and donít stop hurting Russia", "English Premier League: No country for old Russians?", and "ĎIím ready to die for my idealsí - Medvedev". Indeed, any channel that exists to voice Medvedev's passion for committing self-sacrifice in the total absence of any sort of danger to his office let alone his life, would certainly see a media attention whore like Assange among the ranks of its employees. Russia Today: good old Soviet propaganda, now with Western allure!
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