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January 25th, 2012, 22:31
RT is biased, no doubt. But less biased than Fox news, imho. At least on RT I hear new stories that are shocking, interesting, fresh, but unreported in the West, whereas on Fox News I hear stuff that "Pravda" would have been ashamed to call 'information' in the days of the USSR. Other US "news" stations have drivel about reality TV, celeb gossip, and the odd talent show highlights. With some special interest propaganda spin on a Reuters headline thrown in (in doses that its ADD afflicted audience can cope with). RT has a lot of truth, especially when the story does not directly relate to Putin and his siloviki clique.

As for Assange - he shows that if you piss the USA off, laws - even in moderate European states like Sweden and Britain - seem to get warped to find some crime that would possibly fit you. And there is no way support money can ever flow to you, because all channels are US-controlled. Sort of like what happens when you piss off Putin and his KGB chums, except a bit less drastic. For the moment.
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