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January 30th, 2012, 16:50
Ownership does not equate to bias. The BBC is owned by the state, yet its reporting is mostly trustworthy. As I said, RT is less biased on the whole, ie especially taking into account stories that are not directly related to Russian domestic matters. Whereas Fox cannot be trusted to report anything right, domestic or foreign. They sunk way below RT the day they photoshopped a weasel's head onto De Villepain's body when reporting the UN meeting where France wasn't sure if the evidence for WMD's was strong enough to justify war.

IF ownership = bias to you, then look at Fox's owner, Rupert Murdoch, and the extent of US media he owns. Then compare his publicly stated personal, economic, political, social and ethnic views to what goes on Fox and the rest of his media empire.

I doubt there is any nation on earth stupid enough to actively and voluntarily select something as outrageously biased as Fox, as their primary source of information — besides the Americans. When the Russian had communism, they had no choice but to watch state media. However unlike the Americans and Fox, the vast majority knew that most of what they were watching was pure spin and propaganda.

Use RT wisely (selectively) and you'll get a fresh perspective on a whole load of issues. You cannot use Fox wisely.
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