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February 1st, 2012, 20:13
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At least Americans can choose which news network to watch, sorting the biased and the more credible, something the Russians cannot do, considering that their entire media sphere is EXACTLY like Russia Today, or worse. For some reason, the Russian state has always required its citizens to be an obedient unthinking mass, a natural resource to be spent, wasted and squandered as needed.
Russians can watch anything they like. There is no great firewall stopping them from visiting any news site they like (with google translate, if necessary), nor are there any laws prohibiting the use of satellite dishes. Most Russians I know get their intake from Euronews in Russian, or are smart enough to realize that politics is just another form of mafia (therefore something they have little passion for). They seem to be apolitical (cynical, jaded), which makes them seem far more rational than the often near-lunatic left- or right- wing Americans, faithfully banging one of their two party drums with fervor and glee.

The Russian state has indeed tended to be autocratic, and the people there seem to like a strong (brutal?) hand at the tiller. Many lament the Yeltsin years as ones of weakness and aimlessness. I don't think the Russians have enough passion and sophistication to ever turn their country into a democracy even at the watered down levels we have.

That so many Americans freely choose to watch Fox out of all the dozens of English language options open to them is chilling.
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