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February 17th, 2012, 12:03
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No no, all fine. It's really about about the non-fluent physical movement of the mouse. This is usually uninteresting, but not in a 3D game, where the whole screen moves.
A comparison: You cannot move the mouse as smoothly left and right while walking through Skyrim, compared with how the scene moves in dialog situations. I mean when you talk to an npc and move the mouse to an edge. Then the scene moves fluently.
Am I too sensitive?
It sounds like the infamous vertical synchronisation issue that exists in all TES games based on Gamebryo technology. Yes, I know they changed the name.

You can try using a frame limiter - and forcing Skyrim to run at 60 FPS at maximum. Otherwise, it supposedly runs at 64 FPS when not bogged down - due to some odd issue with the engine. This will cause stuttering due to your monitor refresh rate most likely being 59-60 hz. You can test the issue indoors facing walls, for instance, because that's when the game will perform at maximum.

You can disable VSYNC as well, through the .ini file (ipresetinterval = 0, IIRC), but you'll be facing other strange issues - like the physics engine acting up and other strange stuff. I don't recommend it, and you'd still need a limiter of some kind to avoid tearing and timing issues.

Try googling "Skyrim stuttering" and look around. There are multiple solutions out there.
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