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March 22nd, 2012, 18:51
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I'm sure, but it wouldn't actually be a problem - because a necessary first step is to legalise the process of establishing a separate world society. As in, the current society would have to "greenlight" the new society - primarily based on mutual gain and feasible co-existence.
You can already do this. People have done it for a long time. It just has never had any long or wide spread affect. One of the main reasons is a point that you already mentioned: human nature. Human nature isn't going to change just do to eduction.

And for this new society to surpass the current society it would have to produce something that is more attractive to the members of the current society, whether that be quality of life, economic production or whatever. So far, that has never happened and I don't think it is going to any time soon.

One of the fundamental problems you face is the same that communism faced (and ultimately caused its inefficiencies and eventual downfall), again human nature. Any system can be taken advantage of, and there will always be someone that tries to do so. The more regulations you put in place to prevent that (whether these be economic or behavioral), the more inefficient the system becomes, and the abuse actually becomes able due to people grabbing onto the power those regulations allow.


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