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March 22nd, 2012, 19:29
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Even so, I'm concerned more with the next 5 years than the next 50. While you are implementing your slow paced revolution, the world would be crumbling around your ears.
Ehm, it would be either way.

This sounds a lot like what all those hippies did in the 60's when they went off to start communes and 'change the world.' They didn't succeed.
Oh does it, now. I fail to see any resemblance, personally.

The world is better now that it has been thousands of years. Perfect? Not even close, but that statement is way over dramatic.
Yes, and how many years are you willing to wait?

We successfully regulated US markets for about 50 years for the most part. It wasn't until we started tearing down regulations enacted during the Great Depression that abuses became widespread and systematic.
Aren't you contradicting what you just said above?
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