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March 22nd, 2012, 19:45
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I see no evidence that that is guaranteed within our current system.
You're the one saying the world would be crumbling, not I.

Why do you assume that I think the current society should just stagnate and be left alone. How about you work within the system as you want - and I'd try to create a different system altogether. A win-win, right?

A separate society where money doesn't exist and everyone does what is the best for the group as a whole?
Did hippies distribute their resources evenly? Did they have the technology to govern their laws? Did they have hardware within their bodies with information that all had access to?

In my concept, people don't do what's "best for everyone" as such. They simply don't pursue goals that directly affect others negatively - because it won't be possible.

I have no doubt you imagine my idea as some kind of drug-induced hippie alternative, but it's not really what I'm about.

I don't expect the world to ever be perfect, so the question holds no value. I expect the world to continue to improve, which I think it will
I agree. I'd just rather not wait a thousand years if I can help it, but I fear that I must.

Not at all. I said we needed good, efficient regulation, which we more or less had until the US Congress started tearing it down with the repeal of the Interstate Banking Act.
So the world hasn't actually improved here?
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