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March 22nd, 2012, 21:42
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Only if we don't fix some of the problems, which was my original point.
Fix away, I'm not stopping you or advocating we stop fixing problems. I'm just suggesting another solution - that can co-exist with whatever else.

Most communes at least start out that way.
Must be the ones I don't know about, then. From what I know of the "hippie movement" - they didn't have the first clue how to go about anything. They just wanted "world peace" and open relations - which is great, but it does require some pretty smart design - and doing drugs probably doesn't help the process.

My design isn't necessarily brilliant - it's just an idea that would be refined and expanded upon. But it's not a whimsical notion that I conjured up one day in the bathroom.

So you want to turn us into cyborgs?
You watch too much science fiction.

I cannot foresee any possible future where it is impossible to pursue a goal that doesn't have the potential to affect someone else negatively.
I said DIRECTLY affect others negatively. Also, I can't prevent people from insulting each other and I can't cure jealousy or heartache.

What my system CAN do, is ensure that everyone has basic needs met, a secure environment, and a reasonable level of comfort - as well as the freedom to pursue any endeavor that surplus resources allow.

If you look around, you'll find that the vast majority of misery in this world stems from the lack of the things my system can provide. No, I'm not talking about people like us who're reasonably well off - and who've learned to function well in society - being slaves to societal norms so we can spend most of our life doing something we don't particularly enjoy and then "be proud" of our contribution as 90% of the resources end up with 1% of the population.
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