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March 22nd, 2012, 22:29
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Sadly I don't. You were the one talking about putting technology in us.
You're missing out

Have you heard of a pacemaker?

You don't have to become the Terminator because you have a minor chip under your skin.

It can be seen as a necessary evil, but it's also good for our way of interacting. It would help eliminate the desire for secrets and lies - and it would help us greatly when dealing with taboos and our discomfort with private weaknesses.

Part of the sickness of modern society, is that we're advocating shame for being human - and we're praising individuals based on being no more or less capable than anyone else, but simply because they become known.

Ideally, it will help lead to a world where we no longer need lies to endure living.

I fail to see how your system is going to solve a number of issues that prevent people from getting basic needs. For instance, how is your system going to solve the infrastructure issue in Africa that is a large part of the reason so many die of AIDS there?
First of all, my alternate society would start off at whatever location could be agreed upon - with future expansion taken into consideration.

If it works - then there would eventually be no Africa. We would have access to the resources of the entire globe at the end - dedicated exclusively to providing a safe environment as part of our basic needs. A large part of the initial investment would be into technology that could automate optimal processes for extraction of optimal resources for the correct purposes. There would be no financial conflict of interest - and every single product - be it food/building/luxury item would be constructed with a 100% pragmatic purpose - built to last or provide optimal sustenance.

It wouldn't be able to solve the over-population problem, but technology exists to build entire cities on the ocean - for instance.

The reason all this sounds utopian, is because you're looking at this as a citizen in the current world. You have to forget being a banker - and imagining that 1% of the population is no longer controlling 90% of our resources. The entire globe is available for this purpose at the end.

At the beginning, everything will be dedicated to researching the very best ways to stay healthy - and the very best materials (whether artificial or natural) for every "basic need" purpose. The first many years would be almost entirely dedicated to research and implementation of technology to extract and apply resources with as much automation as possible.
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